24 May

US Weather events

US Weather events

1894 125 yrs ago
Six inches of snow blanketed Kentucky. Just four days earlier as much as ten inches of snow had fallen across Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. Six days earlier a violent storm had wrecked nine ships on Lake Michigan. (David Ludlum)
1930 89 yrs ago
A tornado touched down near the town of Pratt, KS, and traveled at the incredibly slow speed of just 5 mph. (The Weather Channel)
1940 79 yrs ago
Hail fell near Ada OK to a depth of six to eight inches, and rainfall runoff left drifts of hail up to five feet high. (The Weather Channel)
1987 32 yrs ago
Severe thunderstorms in southwest Texas spawned a couple of tornadoes near Silverton, and produced golf ball size hail east of the town of Happy. Thunderstorms also produced large hail and damaging winds in Louisiana and Texas. (Storm Data)
1988 31 yrs ago
Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the southeastern U.S. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 88 mph at Columbia, NC. Baseball size hail was reported near Tifton GA. (The National Weather Summary)
1989 30 yrs ago
Thunderstorms developing ahead of a cold front produced severe weather across the Upper Midwest through the day and night. Thunderstorms spawned 30 tornadoes, and there were 158 reports of large hail and damaging winds. A strong (F-3)
1990 29 yrs ago
"Severe thunderstorms spawned two dozen tornadoes from Montana to Oklahoma. Four tornadoes carved a 109-mile path across central Kansas. The third of the four tornadoes blew 88 cars of an 125-car train off the track, stacking them three to four cars high in some cases, and the fourth tornado caused 3.9 million dollars damage. The third tornado injured six persons who were trying to escape in vehicles. A woman was ""sucked out"" of a truck and said that at one time she was ""airborne, trying to run but my feet wouldn't touch the ground"". She also saw a live deer ""flying through theair"". (The National Weather Summary)"
Source de données: http://www.weatherforyou.com/

World records

World records

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F5 tornadoes

F5 tornadoes

2011 8 yrs ago
El Reno–Piedmont, Oklahoma 2010 fatalities
May 21–26, 2011 tornado outbreak sequence – Mobile radar recorded winds over 200 mph (320 km/h). Many homes were swept away, trees were completely debarked, and extensive ground scouring occurred. At the Cactus 117 oil rig, a 1,900,000-pound (861,830 kg) oil derrick was blown over and rolled three times. Cars were thrown long distances and wrapped around trees, including an SUV that was thrown 780 yd (713 m) and had its body ripped from the frame. Several cars near the beginning of the path were thrown more than 1,093 yd (0.62 mi).Additionally, a 20,000-pound (9,072 kg) oil tanker truck was thrown approximately 1 mi (1.6 km).
Official F5/EF5; undisputed
2011 8 yrs ago
Chickasha–Blanchard–Newcastle, Oklahoma 2018 fatalities
May 21–26, 2011 tornado outbreak sequence – Officially rated a high-end EF4, however, the survey conducted by NWS Norman mentions this tornado as being a "plausible EF5". Well-built homes with anchor bolts were swept away, pavement was scoured from roads and driveways, and vehicles were thrown up to 600 yd (549 m) away, some of which were torn into multiple pieces or stripped down to their frames. Trees were reduced to completely debarked stumps, and severe ground scouring occurred, with all grass and several inches of topsoil removed in some areas. A reinforced concrete dome home was severely damaged and cracked.
Officially ranked below F5/EF5, but rating is disputed; event may have been F5/EF5
2011 8 yrs ago
Washington–Goldsby, Oklahoma 2019 fatalities
May 21–26, 2011 tornado outbreak sequence – Officially a high-end EF4, but rating is disputed. Large and well-built homes with anchor bolts were swept completely away, extensive ground scouring occurred, and vehicles were thrown long distances and mangled almost beyond recognition.
Officially ranked below F5/EF5, but rating is disputed; event may have been F5/EF5

Deadly earthquakes

Deadly earthquakes

24.05.1940 16:33 UTC 79 yrs ago
Peru (carte) , 50.1 km deep Magnitude: 7.5
Secondary effectstsunami
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)250
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Emergency Events Database)249

24.05.1959 19:17 UTC 60 yrs ago
Mexico (carte) , 69.6 km deep Magnitude: 7.0
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)5

24.05.2008 19:20 UTC 11 yrs ago
Colombia (carte) , 8 km deep Magnitude: 5.9
Secondary effectslandslide
Deaths resulting from earthquake shaking0
Total fatalities resulting from earthquake shaking and secondary effects6


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